English  SPi-V is a Macromedia-based Technology displaying panoramic images by using your computers 3D-hardware. You may take a look at Aldo Hoeben's Website (the Author of SPi-V), to learn more about the many features and possibilities of this techniqe.

To navigate inside the Panorama, click the left Mouse button and drag around. SHIFT & CTRL to zoom in and out.

Tools: Download a documented and slightly adapted version of Aldo's cube creation batchfiles here.

Deutsch  SPi-V ist eine Macromedia-basierende Technologie zu Darstellung von Panoramen mit Hilfe der 3D-Hardware ihres Computers. Machen Sie einen Besuch auf Aldo Hoeben's Website (dem Author der Software) um mehr über Features und Möglichkeiten dieser Technologie zu erfahren.

Zum Navigieren im Panorama bitte linke Maustaste drücken und dabei Maus bewegen. SHIFT & CTRL zum hinein- und hinauszoomen.

Tools: Laden Sie eine dokumentierte und leicht adaptierte Sammlung von Aldo's Batch-Dateien zur Generierung von Cubes herunter.

SPi-V Viewer Technology demonstrations:

ADR (Adaptive Dynamic Range) Panoramas

In this demo, the viewer dynamically calculates
the correct visual appearance based on
the brightness of the scene.
This demo is based on the SPi-V viewer technology.

More informations about ADR are available at http://www.fieldofview.nl/rd-adr

Firefighter Virtual Tour

Floridsdorf, Vienna

This is a multi-node panoramic virtual tour
through the Firefighter station Floridsdorf.
See some custom-created navigational elements,
an ADR-demo and a transition demo.

Also have a look at the main Panorama Page to experience
some fullscreen SPi-V panoramas